The Revolution

Black Friday Sale!!
3 Days ONLY!!

11/27/15 -11/29/15

Xbox One and PS4 Used Games - 50% OFF

Xbox One and PS4 New Games - 15% OFF

Xbox 360, PS3, WII, PS2, and Xbox Original Used Games - Buy 1 Get 1 FREE!

Xbox 360, PS3, WII, New games - 20% OFF

Gamecube Games - 25% OFF

ALL Retro Games under $60 - 20% OFF

ALL Handheald Used Games - 30% OFF

All New Handheld Games - 15% OFF

PS4 and Xbox One Used Controllers - $10 OFF

Xbox 360 Controllers New for Only $35

PS3 Controllers Used For Only $35

Xbox 360 Slim Console With a 250GB HD for Only $100

Xbox Original Consoles Only $20

PS2 Fat Console For Only $25

PS2 Slim Console For Only $45

NES, SNES, N64 Consoles - 25% OFF

Gamecube Console For Only $40

WII Console for Only $50

ALL Sega Consoles 25% OFF

ALL New Retro Bit and Hyperkin Retro Consoles 25% OFF

All Retro Controllers $5 OFF

Lots of Retro Console bundles at huge discounts!!!!

all items are +Tax. Try tested and warrantied. Cannot be combined with other offers!! All sales Final!! In stock only!! ALL games must be under $60. Equal or lesser value on BOGO sales    

1099 RT 25A STONY BROOK, NEW YORK 11790 

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Welcome to The Revolution!!!

Do you love the way you're treated by Corporate America??

How about those automated systems??

Yeah, we didn't think so.

Join The Revolution!!!

We are a family owned and operated video game retailer. We bring the newest and hottest games, consoles, handheld systems and accessories to you - The Gamer. We are here for you and we strive to preserve the tradition of sharing knowledge and experience between gamers. We have every thing for all your video gaming needs from retro games and accessories to the latest and greatest Video games, apparel, and toys.

We provide friendly and speedy service and are committed to bringing our customers the confidence and support that is necessary for the ultimate gaming experience.

We have been avid Gamers since the release of the Nintendo Entertainment System NES. We barely made it through high school due to GoldenEye for N64.

Not only are we Gamers, but we also know what it's like starting out in this crazy video game world! You will get 1-on-1 customer service and your e-mails will be answered promptly by the owners themselves.

The time has come to Join The Revolution!!

The time has come to start a video game Revolution and bring the games back to The Gamer!!! We are here for you and we strive to preserve the tradition of sharing knowledge and experience between Gamers.

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